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we are one in everlasting peace...

marianne dashwood
28 October 1985
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this is the icon journal of evrfixedmark!

~credit me in your keywords
~comment on which you are taking
~icons are not to be altered
~save icons to your own photobucket or hard drive

mr. darcy is love.

made by lessxthanxbest

at austen_stampin

AT austen_stills...

AT period_stills...

AT austen_lims...

textures and brushes on icons from: blimey_icons, _joni, ohpaintbrush, and myself, lessxthanxbest.

icon tutorials used are from: carmendove.

screencaps of jane austen adaptations from: which is run by desert_sky.

i do not use tutorials, brushes, or textures from other iconmakers in the icons i submit to competitions. i use them only for the personal icons i make.